Simply Thaw & Use

QBM Cell Science is the world's leading product and service supplier for high quality, cryopreserved primary neuronal cells from the rodent brain and spinal cord. The application of these cells worldwide by Researchers and Industry based R&D groups is evidenced in the large body of literature citation.

Prepared from freshly isolated and dissociated embryonic or neonatal rodent CNS, these cryopreserved primary neuronal cells are frozen in vials of 1-4 million cells and comprise a normal distribution of neurons and glia (astrocytes) for that brain or spinal cord region. Custom preparation of cells from specific animal models or transgenic animals is also available.

Streamlining the Research Workflow With Ready-To-Use Primary Neuronal Cells
  • Ready to Use primary neuronal cells, shipped direct to your laboratory, fundamentally advances the way you can do R&D
  • No more tissue dissection and animal handling
  • These primary neuronal cells have a high viability and the same properties as equivalently cultured fresh neuronal cells
  • Batch tested and guaranteed high quality, the cells come with optimized culture protocols
  • Batch to batch reliability guaranteed
  • Collaborators can now work on the same batch of neuronal cells
  • Cells can be archived for follow-on studies
  • Ready access to Technical Support
  • Simply Thaw and Use, when and how you want

“Your Cryopreserved Rat Brain Cortical & Hippocampal Cells express the most important inhibitory and excitatory ion-channels, with a high sensitivity for neuroactive substances”
- Neurochip Lab.,
Univ. Düsseldorf

"The QBM cryopreserved neurons represent a significant advantage for our cell culture research – at a cost we can afford”
- Dr Kjell Fuxe
Karolinska Inst., Stockholm